Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some visuals from Ottawa

A few pictures and a brief video from my brief trip to Ottawa this week, primarily to attend the Laurier Club garden party event at Stornaway.

It was a good event, with other 1200 Liberals cramming into the backyard of the official opposition leader's residence. And with good cause: next year, the event will be at another official residence... But it was good to talk with lots of Liberals and to see the Ignatieffs, including their kitten, who seemed a little overwhelmed by all the attention.


The first page in the Ignatieff's Stornaway guest book, signed by the movers that helped them move in, including a fellow named Rick Mercer.

The video was mainly a chance for me to play with my new toy, a Flip Mino HD video camera I'm testing for work. It's a sweet little camera. Go to the YouTube page and click the HD icon to get the high definition version, if your monitor is HD compatible.

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