Monday, June 08, 2009

A very specific denial from the PMO

CanWest's David Akin files a piece on the Raitt tape story that's breaking this AM, and gets comments from a Harper PMO spokesperson, Dimitri Soudas.

Sometimes Dimitri takes a day off to spokesperson for the party, but I think he has his PMO hat on today.

In Akin's story, Soudas issued what I found to be a very specific denial.He said no GOVERMENT DEPARTMENT is involved win THE HEARING itself.

Dimitri Soudas, press secretary to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said no government department is involved in the hearing in Nova Scotia on Monday afternoon. Soudas said he had no knowledge of the matter. Steve Outhouse, who has replaced MacDonnell as Raitt's director of communications, also said his office had no knowledge of the matter.

That's a very specific statement, that would seem to leave lots open to speculation. It's interesting how carefully Dimitri choose his words here, isn't it?

No mention of the Conservative Party, or a statement they're not involved. And his statement doesn't preclude involvement with the actual applicant either, does it?

UPDATE: For the record, the story is now updated with this denial from the CPC side:
Ryan Sparrow, a spokesman for the Conservative Party of Canada, said the party has no connection to the matter.

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paulsstuff said...

A little paranoia going on there?

It's now reported that the person seeking the injunction is none other than Jasmine McDonnell. Name ring a bell?

wilson said...

No mention of the Liberal Party, or a statement they're not involved. And the LPC lack of a statement doesn't preclude involvement with the actual applicant either, does it?

back at yah

Kirbycairo said...

I find it amazing the degree to which Harper hand the Conservatives have condemned the courts when they make decisions that they don't like, but how quick they are to use them to their advantage!

buckets said...

Does the PMO count as a government department?

Jon Pertwee said...

so cut and paste now counts as "back at yah"? Wow, wilson is getting weaker by the day.

lyrical said...

Pretty darn convenient I'd say. Coming out with this on the eve of the Nova Scotia election. And what's this about Ms. MacDonnell's father being a fundraiser for Mr. Ignatieff? And that said father has Port connections, much like Minister Raitt does?

This might appear to be revenge for St├ęphane Dion's smear last fall by CTV - Conservative Tory Voters. I think there's more to it than that.