Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Conservative minister wants a spring election

Conservative revenue minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn has been in the Quebec media pleading with the BQ to not bring down his Harper Conservatives this fall, saying an election right now isn't right for Quebecers. Fair enough. But what's interesting is Blackburn has suggested a desired window for the next election: he'd like one in the spring:

(Via Google Translate:)

"The interest of Quebec, it is precisely that there are no elections in the fall. The right window is in a budget and the budget will be next spring," he added.
Most of the piece was same 'ol, but I did find it interesting mentioned spring as the time for an election. I haven't seem the Conservatives giving a prefered timeline in the English media. And I'm sure they could have a different story come spring, should it come to that. Odd though that Blackburn is boxing them into a date, and that the message seems to be Quebec-only.

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Anonymous said...

Being bilingue, i read the original article and i wouldn't say Blackburn necessarily desires an election in the spring. He's simply arguing that the budget provides a better excuse for potentially bringing down the government, and that the budget is normally tabled in the spring. My guess is Blackburn is actually hoping the economy will be picking up by then and/or the effects of the stimulus package will be visible, and the Cons will pack lots of stuff that is 'good for Quebec' in the budget, so that the BQ will look ridiculous voting against it. Or something.

Barcs said...

Preferred timeline??

Don't think so. He is simply laying the groundwork to force the Bloc to help the government survive through to spring. (That of course is a backup plan should the Iggy-Dion mistakenly send too many MP's to vote against the government the next time he puts out a list of demands that he gets nothing for)

And yes there will probably be another story to be told in the spring about how the government should not be toppled... I think another record length of minority government... back to back no less might be a nice feather to remember the Harper years by,.. don't you??

And yes the economy is moving along and should be picking up by then. (Curious how you have ceased reporting the IMF and the World bank stories recently??) Dion has missed his chance (again) (and again) and has seen a 5 point lead dissolve back into a tie.

Loraine Lamontagne said...

To quote Blackburn: "Ce n'est pas sain d'avoir des élections municipales et fédérales en même temps", a fait valoir M. Blackburn en entrevue téléphonique."

(It is not healthy to have municipal and federal elections at the same time).

Someone should ask the minister then why the governement refused to accept the amendement to the fixed election date bill proposed by the Senate that would have allowed the chief electoral officer to move the federal election so that it would not conflict with a provincial or municipal election.