Friday, July 10, 2009

Conservative reality? You so funny, Dimitri

Dimitri Soudas today on the false quote brouhaha:

"Because in politics you do have exchanges between political opponents but you have to make sure those exchanged happen within a certain reality of things that people actually say."
Is this a new rule for the Conservative Party of Canada? It must be.*

*See "Liberals plan to raise taxes" "megatonnes of money" "insulting Ukrainians" and the many, many other quotes the Harper Conservatives have deliberately butchered and taken out of context to smear their political opponents over the recent years.

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deBeauxOs said...

Wow. Now there's a big bunch of words cobbled together.

Shorter Dimitri: We lied but we're not owning up to it.

Anonymous said...

Shorter Dimitri, "If we make crap up and repeat it long enough so enough people actually think it's true, then we've created an acceptable 'environment of truthiness' so the crap is true, sort of."

Dmitri when he's honest (age 3 to his mother): "My Golden Rule is the Big Lie."

Hitler would have scooped him up and hugged the little tyke. What a find, Harper!