Saturday, July 11, 2009

Exposing the Conservatives' secret pro-jazz agenda

Amusing column in the Globe today:

Much like Conservative MP Brad Trost – who, in a statement to this week, claimed that Tourism Minister Diane Ablonczy's decision to fund Toronto's Gay Pride events had come as a shock to most of the Conservative caucus – I, too, am troubled by some of the choices that our government has made in supporting cultural events.

In fact, I'm glad that we're finally talking about this issue, because I really don't enjoy jazz music.

Our government funds many cultural events, but it always seems to me that they fund a lot of jazz festivals. What with the CBC playing so much jazz, one could easily start to believe that our government has a pro-jazz agenda.

Not that I consider myself anti-jazz, you understand, any more than the group to which Mr. Trost directed his comments is necessarily anti-gay. They're just pro-family. And I'm just pro-music.

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1 comment:

Skinny Dipper said...

You may be anti-jazz. I'm anti-Toronto even though I live in the centre of the universe. I think Brad Trost is upset because the $400,000 didn't go to his riding. Next year, Humboldt, Saskatchewan should host the biggest, baddest, small-town Pride parade ever!