Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hey kids, want to go see dying animals or dangly man bits?

Not to harp on the controversy around the $400,000 in funding the Conservatives gave the Toronto Pride Parade, but if you'll recall one of the prime objections we hear from the outraged so-cons is that they don't want their children exposed to dangly man bits and what not.

That's fine, I can respect their parenting choices. But how about exposing your children to the death of animals? That's what's been happening at the Calgary Stampede, fueled by $2 million taxpayer dollars from the same federal program that has Brad Trost all pissy:

An outrider horse at the Calgary Stampede has died of an apparent heart attack, becoming the fourth animal to perish at the event this year.

Doug Fraser, a spokesperson for the Stampede, said the horse was cooling down after a race Friday night when it collapsed and died.

A veterinarian determined that the horse, from the Ray Mitsuing chuckwagon team, died of a heart attack.

It's the fourth animal to die this year at the Stampede, and the third chuckwagon horse.

On Thursday, a steer had to be put down after it suffered a spinal injury during the steer-wrestling competition.

As a young tyke, I don't ever recall being traumatized by partial nudity. When Babmi's mom died though, that was another story. And to my knowledge, no animals died as a result of the Pride Parade.

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