Thursday, July 09, 2009

No more water for Harper at G8 meetings?

I joked yesterday that may Stephen Harper should try to change the channel on the holy host story by staying in the bathroom during another photo-op. On to more serious matters shortly, but it would appear I may have been (shudder) channeling the PMO:

By the way, another lame attempt at political communications from Dimitri Soudas, when asked why Harper was late (his holy host explanation yesterday was wholly lacking):

Harper's spokesperson, Dimitri Soudas, declined to give details on why the prime minister arrived late to the photo shoot.

"I don't think you're paying attention to the summit ... The prime minister was at the photo op," Soudas said Thursday.
Since its hard to judge tone from text, I can't tell if Soudas was going for cuteness or dickishness there with his Wizard of Oz'ish answer (pay no attention to the man behind the mirror!). But why not just say why he was late? Nine times out ten a simple, unambiguous and truthful answer will get you further that dickish (or cute) evasion.

It's a lesson these guys seem to refuse to learn.

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