Thursday, July 23, 2009

Video: Ujjal Dosanjh on Canada AM talking health care

I haven't seen any online video of his second CNN appearance yet (and it appears the first one has been removed from YouTube for a "Terms of use violation" UPDATE: It's still here though) but here's Liberal MP and former health minister Ujjal Dosanjh on Canada AM yesterday talking about his recent appearances on CNN to defend Canada's health care system, and health care reform:

Health care reform, by the way, is a debate we need to be having in Canada too because, as Ujjal says, our system isn't perfect either. And if you look at most polls, health care still trumps the economy and the environment as the top issue of concern for Canadians.

It's a debate we need to begin having.

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Bismark said...

I posted both the CNN video and yours over at my place and it sparked some quite lively debate.


Jeff said...

I started to read that thread a few hours back, but that John guy became quickly tedious and I lost my will to live...

But to address one of your points over there, the last polling data I saw on issues (I think 1-2 months ago, maybe from Ekos) showed Canadians ranking health care as #1, by a decent margin. Environment still #2, and econonmy/jobs well back at #3, with deficit well down.

I know I was surprised.

Bismark said...

Yeah, John was nothing but an a-hole. I should "moderate" perhaps, but I've got no time for it.

That does surprise me that healthcare is #1 issue under the circumstance.