Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Harper bungles his way through amigos summit

I didn't realize just how poorly Stephen Harper's three amigos summit performance was until former (progressive) Conservative strategist and insider Norman Spector laid it all out like this:

On Buy America, the Prime Minister may have been let down easily by the U.S. President, but the kiss-off was no less a kiss-off for being delivered so smoothly. On health care reform — a question he knew he would be asked and had obviously prepared —he ducked instead of helping the President counter Republican disinformation by seconding Mr. Obama’s observation that the Canadian model is not on the table. Most gratingly, with an insipid smile on his face, Mr. Harper referred to provincial jurisdiction over health care — a half-truth, at best, given the constraints set out in federal legislation.
And there's more, from his odd interjections on Hondarus to his confusing NATO and NAFTA (hint: one's a military alliance, the other is a free trade accord.

And let's not forget Harper's decision to "Blame Canada" on immigration:

Perhaps Harper's report card was overly generous after all...

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