Thursday, August 13, 2009

Harper: So disapointed in the failiure of others

Dear nuclear people: Stephen Harper is very, very disappointed in you!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is urging Canada's beleaguered nuclear agency to pick up the pace in repairing a leaky reactor at Chalk River, Ont., which won't be back up and running until at least next spring.

Harper said he's "disappointed" with the latest delay in returning the reactor to service, adding that Ottawa will continue to push Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. to supply isotopes as soon as possible.

"We do hope there will be more action, more quickly, on the part of Atomic Energy of Canada," he said Thursday in Kitchener, Ont.
It's just a shame that Harper is only the Prime Minister and the leader of the Canadian government, so there's nothing he can do about the isotope crisis other than express his disappointment in the failures of others.

And it's a shame his Natural Resources minister, Lisa Raitt, is equally powerless here.I mean, she's only the minister responsible for AECL. There's nothing she can do or could have done.

It's just all so ... disappointing.

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wilson said...

So tell us what MI would do if he were Prime Minister.

A Eliz. said...

Lisa Raitt said it was AECL that stopped the Maples...I thought it was the government.
Some Scientists say they never gave the Maples a chance. South Korea is using our Maple reactor and just had to tweak it and it is up and running.
There is friend of the government working for AECL.

Steve V said...

He's also very disappointed in the Border Services Agency today. This comes on the heels of him being disappointed in Canada over the Mexican visa issue. Tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...

Just wait til Harper gets in government. They you'll see what real action looks like.

oops, nevermind.

carry on.

"Stephen Harper . . . he's really disappointed in you." kinda catchy, maybe it will be his campaign slogan in the next election.

Jeff said...

Do you mean what Mi would do if he were Prime Minister today? Or if he were elected as Prime Minister in the next election? Or if he were Prime Minister today, having been elected in the last election?

YL said...

What I want to believe MI would do: ensure the quickest resolution of the problem, and heed the AECL's recommendations when they tell him it's better to close down the reactors and upgrade them

What he would do based on his summer record: keep quiet

ridenrain said...

"If you were prime minister now, what would you have done about the AECL and this crisis that Mr. Harper has not done?"

I think an inquiry to find out why the replacement Maple reactors were such a failure and Liberal boondoggle.

Barcs said...

I'm with wilson... had to do a double take to tell if you were talking about Harper or Iggy. He was dissapointed enough to put the tories on probation after all. Some day for all his rethoric he might even be disappointed enough to take action himself.

Really, what would the liberals, what would Iggy have done differently?? does it involve action? a policy? or is it just more disappointment in the government but supporting it anyway?

Jon Pertwee said...

Barcs agrees with wilson? Now there's a surprise.

Ridenrain is looking for ways to blame others? How typically Conservative of him/her/it.

The Rat said...

If temporal placement is so difficult for Liberals to understand maybe they should just accept they aren't ready to govern. We don't need an elected government, anyway, as the courts seem quite happy to run Canada starting with foreign policy. Why ask Iggy what he would/will/might do when all we need do is go to court and ask the judge what he'd do?

Jon Pertwee said...

"Why ask Iggy what he would/will/might do when all we need do is go to court and ask the judge what he'd do?"

As opposed to asking an oil CEO or GOP overlord Rat? Come on!