Saturday, August 08, 2009

Job losses are escalating, so Cons blow-up EI reform

The headlines tell the tale:

Still no sign of economic recovery in July jobs numbers as 45,000 disappear
July job losses point to difficult recovery
Canada lost 45,000 jobs in July: Statistics Canada
Canada July Jobs Loss Triple Economists' Forecasts
Canada bleeds more jobs in July, recovery in doubt
Job losses deeper than feared

And directly from Statistics Canada:

Following little change in June, employment declined by 45,000 in July, with losses in both full- and part-time work. The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.6%, as fewer people participated in the labour market.
So it sure is a good thing the Conservatives made clear this week they have no intention of getting serious about reforming the EI system to help the 400,000 Canadians that have now lost their jobs since Stephen Harper's Conservatives were re-elected.

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