Monday, August 31, 2009

Memories of NDP fundraisers past

The NDP, both bloggers and the grown-up party, are in a great tizzy today because the Liberals are holding a fundraising dinner while they're in Sudbury for their caucus meetings. Apparently holding a fundraising dinner while people are out of work is in poor taste.

I'd argue the two are unrelated. I'd argue if holding a fundraiser while people are unemployed is insensitive then exploiting those people for cheap political points is doubly offensive. And I'd question how the NDP candidates in Sudbury plan to finance their next election campaign if they're too moral to raise any money to pay for it. Sorry, Glenn Thibeault, but any donations you've received should be returned.

And I'd wonder where these same people were when the NDP was sending out fundraising solicitations on the backs of Canadian soldiers, exploiting the war in Afghanistan, where Canadians soldiers are risking their lives, in order to fatten their party coffers, $100 at a time:

No, it seems the NDP's sanctimony only ever applies to others.

Never to themselves.

UPDATE: On the Sudbury thing, let me say I agree with the sensible comments of John Fera, president of United Steelworkers Local 6500:

"I think the people who paid $550 for that dinner aren't our guys, but people are free to do whatever they want and to support whoever they want and I respect that," Fera said. "It's their decision."
Well said, John.

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Jaytoo said...

Really? So you think staging an exclusive $550-PER-PLATE fundraising dinner was a terrific idea? That this doesn't paint Liberals as terrifically out of touch with the average northern Ontarian?

Steve V said...

Sorry, Glenn Thibeault, but any donations you've received should be returned.

Yes, let's have an accounting of how much money Glenn has raised in the riding from the depressed souls, PARTICULARLY from union sources. If you want to take this nonsensical position to its logical conclusion, than he should ban all donations to his riding until this depression has passed.

It's just grandstanding from a guy who knows he's in trouble.

Anonymous said...

If Iggy can learn the language of Workers in 2 months I'll eat my husband' wheelchair. I won't be listening to Iggy, I'll be listening to Gerard. Iggy doesn't do desperation, nor spaghetti.

Jennifer Smith said...

Well, according to the riding website they have no events of any kind scheduled, and have apparently had nothing going on since last February. I guess they really do live on air and nectar.

Of course I find it far more likely that the people being courted for this gala dinner are NOT those poor unemployed local Sudbury Liberals, but rather the party brass and their friends who have made their way up there for the caucus schmooze-fest.

Greg said...

Using soldiers as human shields now? Somebody touched a nerve.

RuralSandi said...

What don't they understand about -you need money to run a campaign against the rich Cons?

Those who would go could afford to go.

Jon Pertwee said...

I guess Jaytoo and Toe are good examples of NDP sanctimony.

As someone who is currently on EI (and without a silver spoon) I can't really say that I'm going to get as emotionally involved, nor am I going to eat a wheelchair. It's politics and the NDP are just as guilty of raising funds.

Toe probably could use a bit of anger management.

Jaytoo said...

My sanctimony, JP? I'm not calling the $550-per-plater "wrong" or "insensitive." Rather, the promotion was revealingly out-of-touch. Maybe unwittingly, it broadcasts "we are the comfy elite ... watch us dine, suckers."

Who suggested the Libs were courting unemployed folks to this thing? I'd assume, as Jen says, that it's moneyed members and brass. And who criticized fundraising per se? Of course, everybody's fundraising, on tour and otherwise. That's a vital part of our democratic process. And if Harper has his horrible way, it'll become even more vital.

What I'm saying is: your top cheeses just can't seem to help sending out-of-touch, distancing messages to regular folks in the process. Or - back to my opening question - you think the elitist message is a helpful one?

DL said...

Meanwhile, I'm pleasantly surprised at how much publicity the NDP has been getting for their $5.50 cent dinner for the masses in Sudbury in contrast to the Liberal $550 gala. You can complain about the hypocrisy - but if i was an NDP communications person, I'd be feeling pretty pleased with myself.