Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More reports from the Ignatieff Hiding in Plain Sight Summer Tourapolozza 2009

Yesterday the Michael Ignatieff Hiding in Plain Sight Summer Tourapolozza 2009 did not take him to Cape Breton, where he didn't meet with local residents, fishermen, municipal leaders, and health workers.

Here is some of the local media coverage the tour did not generate yesterday:

Cape Breton News: Michael Ignatieff makes first visit to island since becoming leader
Chronicle Herald: Lobster, leadership on Ignatieff’s C.B. agenda
Daily Gleaner: Maritime tour

Here's a video of Michael not speaking to Cape Breton lobster fishermen yesterday at the Port Morien Wharf:

Here's a Liberal blog entry that doesn't talk about what Michael was up to in Sydney yesterday, and doesn't have photos and videos from yesterday's activities:

The weather today in Sydney was overcast, and entirely appropriate given the tough hurdles facing the local lobster fisherman we heard from down at Port Morien Wharf – from the declining price of lobster, to licensing issues. The fishermen’s message to Michael: we’re committed to making lobster fishing a sustainable industry and we need a supportive partner in Ottawa. Michael, meanwhile, reaffirmed Liberal support for the industry and referred to the pressure the Liberal team put on Minister Shea to address the issues affecting the livelihoods of thousands of Canadians. On a lighter note, he also hopped on one of their boats to have a look around.
Finally, here's a picture of Michael not speaking with a doctor while not touring the Cape Breton Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre. More pics are not on the blog.

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lyrical said...

The national media pundits are working for companies that have come close to folding. They can't expense travelling for a story, so they write from their padded office chairs.