Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Peter Kent, Brian Mulroney and conspiracy theories

What is it with Conservative cabinet ministers named Peter? Peter Mackay is re-fighting the Cold War by himself, and now Peter Kent is hot on the trail of a dastardly conspiracy: someone (probably Liberals) have created a phony Brian Mulroney tribute event and is using it to create schisms in the Conservative party. Why, they even tricked Jean Charest into chairing it!

Junior Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Kent declined to offer a clear answer. "It's a mischievous invitation created by others. That's not a real celebration," said Mr. Kent and when asked why he characterized it as "mischievous," he said, "because it's not a real event. It's a confected bit of political mischief."
Gee, Brian Mulroney is going to be so bummed when he shows up at the ballroom and discovers that there's no one there but Jean Charest, Ashton Kutcher and a camera crew from Punked!. But we can't fool our junior foreign affairs minister, Peter Kent.

And don't get me started on Peter Van Loan.

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