Saturday, August 15, 2009

An update from the Michael Ignatieff Hiding in Plain Sight Summer Tour 2009

I know it's been a few days since I've posted any updates from the Michael Ignatieff Hiding in Plain Sight Summer Tourapolozza 2009. Apologies. Don't mistake the lack of updates as evidence he has been traveling or something. I assure you, that is most decidedly not the case.

For example, here's some of the media hits his non-travels didn't generate the last few days:

Charlottetown Guardian: Get ready for possible fall vote, Ignatieff tells Egmont Liberals
Chronicle Herald: Ignatieff touts ferry subsidy
CBC: Ignatieff takes aim at P.E.I.'s sole Tory MP
Telegraph-Journal: Ferries need sustained funding: Ignatieff
Telegraph-Journal: Stimulus 'lacks a theme'

And here's some updates from the blog with lots of details on where Michael hasn't been, and what he hasn't been doing while he's been there:

August 12: From Yarmouth to Clark's Harbour
August 13: In Saint John, New Brunswick
August 14: Touring Prince Edward Island

Here's a video of Michael not visiting ambulance manufacturer Tri-Star in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia:

And the Liberal Flickr site has been updated with lots of photos of where Michael hasn't been this week.

Here's Michael not chatting with a worker at the Tri-Star manufacturing plant in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Here's Michael not chatting with 300 seniors and their families at the Clark’s Harbour Garden Party in Nova Scotia.

Here are Michael and Zsuzsanna not touring the Waugh Brothers Potato Farm in PEI.

No, that's definitely not the Confederation Bridge behind Michael and Zsuzsanna.

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Morgan said...

Just a comment - It looks like Ignatieff has lost quite a bit of weight in the past few months. In some photos his suit looks too big and his pants look cinched at the middle. I see also that he is letting his hair go grey. It looks better than when he had unaturally dark hair and the natural wrinkles of a 62 year old man. Good photos. Thanks for sharing.

Tripper's World said...

just a quick point on hair coloring: if it is gray it is best to have it as short as is decent for the individual, otherwise it does look haggard regardless of what you do with it - especially the back of the head as is clearly visible here.

I may know a thing or two about color and hair dye.

Ti-Guy said...

I've had enough of that American, Bc'er.