Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy weekend for Michael Ignatieff

Looks like a busy weekend planned for Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, which is always good to see.


HANNON, Ont. _ Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff tours electrical workers' training centre and speaks to workers, union reps. Media availability to follow. (12 p.m. at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Training Centre, 685 Nebo Rd.)

WATERLOO, Ont. _ Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff attends Liberal youth rally on university campus. Media availability to follow. (3:30 p.m. at Wilf's Pub, Fred Nichols Campus Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University, 75 University Ave. W.)
TORONTO _ Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff delivers greetings on behalf of Liberal party to Muslims celebrating Eid. (10 a.m. at Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Halls C&D, 100 Princes Blvd.)
TORONTO _ Michael Ignatieff speaks to the Toronto Board of Trade. (11:45 a.m. at 1 First Canadian Place)
This event later today could also prove interesting:
SIDNEY, B.C. _ Green party nomination vote for the riding of Saanich-Gulf Island. Leader Elizabeth May is in a contested race for the nomination. (2 p.m. at Mary Winspear Centre, Room 2A, 2243 Beacon Ave.)
I suspect that even with the inevitable nomination win by May, her challenger won't go gently into that sweet goodnight.

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Big Winnie said...

Hi Jeff,

One small correction, Michael was in Hamilton, not Hannon as indicated.

Jeff said...

I don't know the area but isn't Hannon a suburb of Hamilton? Anyway, CP called it Hannon but I'll take your word for it.