Thursday, September 10, 2009

Harper’s secret speech

The speech Stephen Harper didn't want you to see. He tells us why he wants an election, why it must be a majority, and rails against judges, child care, gun control, the United Nations, and groups that fight for minority rights (full speech here).

More in the morning.

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1 comment:

Barcs said...

secret speech?

so secret that they let someone with a camera in?

so secret that they let in anyone who wanted to support the PM?

so secret that he repeated a bunch of stuff for party faithful that came to support him that he has said in recent years in the open??

The CBC even declared that it was a secret that he wanted to win (a majority) the next election.

I thought it was the tories that were the spinners and that they were the ones that twisted things out of context.

BTW what is the liberal platform? is it still a secret to be unveiled this fall? I bet it isn't a secret that Iggy, Layton and Duceppe want to win.... is it??