Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Jason Kenney goes after NDP this morning on the Rutherford Show

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Greg said...

If the two big parties want an election, there is no one to negotiate with to avoid one. It was always thus. John Baird essentially said they wanted an election yesterday, when he ran away from the scrum on Parliament Hill.

Greg said...

Of course, we haven't heard what the organ grinder has to say about this. No matter how much chattering this monkeys make about no deals with socialists, I will wait to hear it from the only one who counts.

Jeff said...

Too early to tell. Could all just be posturing at this point. Don't want to appear weak going into negotiations. Harper hasn't ruled anything out, and Layton hasn't been seen yet. They'll meet at some point, presumably, or one of them will flatly say hells no. Until then, it's wait and see.