Monday, September 28, 2009

A Layton quote to remember

In an interview where NDP leader Jack Layton rules-out any intention to seek the Toronto mayoralty following the decision of the unpopular incumbent, David Miller, no not seek re-election, he also graces us with this gem:

Mr. Layton said that while Mayors typically do not emphasize their partisan connections, Mr. Miller's record serves as an example of how New Democrats govern.
You heard it here folks, and don't you forget: David Miller's tenure is an example of how NDPers govern. Next election, let's not forget that statement.

I know Torontonians won't.

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Carolyn said...

What nonsense. Miller was even money to win again had he chose to run. With all due respect, Torontonians are sick of being told what they think of their mayor by people who have no history or meaningful connection to the city. You make a point of letting everyone know that Toronto isn't home with the title of your blog.

Having lived through the Mayor Mel Years, Miller was light years ahead with his vision for the city, the lack of corruption, environmental initiatives, social justice issues...

Bear in mind that 66% of Toronto's budget is UNTOUCHABLE both legally and politically. Don't forget that 35% of the current budget is swallowed up from downloads gifted to us during the Harris years.

Under Miller, the TTC has grown, Regent Park has been completely re-invented, BMO Field and Toronto F.C. have enjoyed immense success, the Towers Renewal Program has greened the oldest and poorest apartment towers in the city, we have more and better educated cops, crime is down and I'm just getting started.

To judge Miller based on a 39 day garbage strike is ridiculous. Not a single right leaning councillor ever had the guts to address to sick bank when the opportunity arised. Not once.

Miller pulled billions from the feds and the province for the city and forced them to understand the importance of investing in our cities.

Miller is respected internationally. It's a joke when provincials with a hard on for anything perceived to be born from the loins of the NDP start telling us about our city.

ricky said...

As a new comer to Toronto, I admit I live in the Centre of the Universe, and I have been impressed with the City Government overall.

As the previous person pointed out, the city has had to deal with a huge mess handed down my Harris and the Provincial Liberal government has done little to change that.

I expect that he would have been successful had he run again. Now the field is clear for a head to head battle with Tory and Smitherman. Lets see how those two do?

As to Jack Layton's comment, it was on target.

Old School Liberal said...

Miller was light years ahead with his vision for the city, the lack of corruption, environmental initiatives, social justice issues...

... incompetence, cronyism, lack of cohesive plan, lack of "focus" for his "vision".

Carolyn, you listed some good things that indeed did happen but these happened while Miller was mayor, not because he was mayor.

- TTC has grown every year for 50 years, pretty much. That's like giving Miller credit for population growth. But is it in less debt and on a more solid path? Not that I can tell.

- The Regent Park plans were made 10 years ago and started being implemented after Mayor Mel gave the green light. Don't read that as giving Mel credit, but the major's in this case should not be getting any credit for the long hard work of many community leaders. Maybe Hall should get some as that is when more of the critical go ahead decisions were made, but barely.

- are you seriously attempting to get Miller credit for BMO Field and the Toronto FC? Seriously?

And claim his failures have been just about putting Torontonians through a 39 day garbage strike just to give in to unreasonable demands from his union buddies is to highlight how out of touch your commentary is.

- he promised to kill the Toronto Island airport and that cancelling the bridge would not cost anything. What was the final cost to the city? $100 million or so?

- he promised a "vision" of a Toronto waterfront: the waterfront re-development has moved on despite Miller, which is good, but the condo development that has destroyed the waterfront has gone on unabated. He has been completely ineffective on that front.

- the big recycling bin program is not wrong in "vision" but it has been horrible in implementation. That speaks to competence - assigning big huge garbage bins to row houses? What the frig was he thinking.

- and little things like letting a car dealership build a parking lot over the discovered shell of the original Parliament Buildings on Parliament Street, was a ghastly display of priorities. And so many more like that.

If you polled Torontonians, it would be very clear that Miller would not likely win. But worse for him, the people he has pissed off, are not just bigger in numbers, they are stronger in emotion than those he has pleased. And that is the deathknell of a politician.

So kudos for Miller for finally making one good decision.

Jeff said...

Gee Carolyn, insult me some more and you might convince me of your argument.