Monday, September 21, 2009

NOW Duffy cares about his reputation?

Since he became a Senator, former CTV "journalist" Mike Duffy has been very eager to show his appreciation to Stephen Harper for calling him to patronage heaven, becoming one of the most partisan Senators in recent memory, and certainly the most partisan Senator that up until his appointment wasn't a long-time party hack but, rather, was a purportedly unbiased political journalist.

Duffy has been speaking at every fund-raising dinner and corn roast for obscure Conservative backbenchers from Courtenay to Come By Chance, he's been heavily on the partisan stump, and he's even the star of their funky new personalized web marketing do-thingy where he'll say your name, as long as its not too foreign. (It's since been fixed.)

For someone who has dived so deeply into the partisan poll, therefore, I found this news from the Duffer a tad amusing:

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Winnipeg advertising and design firm that had landed a big contract with the federal Conservatives to produce direct-to-your-inbox videos.

The story became slightly more interesting when, after my column ran, Mars Hill Group removed the promotional paragraph on its website mentioning the contract. It was reported the change was made because Senator Mike Duffy objected to the company saying he was a longtime party supporter.

The controversy didn't affect Duffy's participation, however. He was, as advertised, the star of the first of the videos that hit email inboxes last week.

Actually, that's pprobably fair. Duffy hasn't been a long-time Conservative supporter, although there's no-one more feverent that a convert. Rather, Duffy has been a long-time supporter of whichever party was able to appoint him to the Senate. Had the Liberals appointed him, I have no doubt he'd now be the most partisan Liberal Senator you've ever seen.

I'm just amused he was so concerned about making that correction. Because what he's lacking in length he's more that making up for in ferocity.

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MLM said...

Actually, Duffy used to go fishing with Mulroney.

He's long been in bed with Conservatives.

RuralSandi said...

I disagree with you Jeff. On the Mike Duffy show he only had on Conservative extremely partisan radio talk jocks, he'd laugh whenever Cons and NDP attacked whatever Liberal was on the show with them and he was forever doing to wink, wink, nudge, nudge stuff against Liberals.

Sorry, Duffy has absolutely NO credibility.

marie said...

Duffy has absolutely NO credibility and he is solidly embedded with the Reform/Alliance/Party. The conservatives are no more. Thanks to Mckay. At one time he was a fair enough journalist but he has been braindrained by Harper and his parrots

felicitatum said...

I find it offensive that he's been appointed to the Senate. He is where he is because of excessive sucking-up, not because of talent or intelligence.

He looks like Uncle Fester from The Addams Family.