Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some advice for Michael Ignatieff

They say free advice is worth what you pay for it, and I'm sure that's the case here as well. But the National Post asked five bloggers to offer their best advice for Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, including myself. I'm sure Michael will be reading with interest...

Here's my contribution:

Since Michael Ignatieff became leader of the Liberal Party, there have been great strides rebuilding the party organization, getting fundraising back on track and getting it to the point where, if it needed to fight an election this fall, it would be ready. And with the gambit launched in Sudbury getting the Liberals out of the propping-up box and ready to oppose again, the party is filled with a renewed sense of purpose.

While all is good within though, the far greater challenge remains without: reconnecting the Liberal Party with the people of Canada once again. While it’s true that governments defeat themselves, if they don’t see any real alternatives then it’s not going to matter that much, and they may decide better the devil you know.

Ignatieff and the Liberals need to connect with Canadians, give them a sense of what they believe in and why they’re a worthy and compelling alternative to the current government of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. With that in mind, here’s four pieces of unsolicited advice for Michael Ignatieff.
And here are the other four advice columns, including one from Dan "Calgary Grit" Arnold:

Raphael Alexander's advice to Ignatieff: Forget Jack Layton and play the long game
Kelly McParland's advice to Ignatieff: Canada can wait, you should too
Gerry Nicholls' advice to Ignatieff: Fire the ad company and copy Chretien
Dan Arnold's advice to Ignatieff: Enough Uncle Fluffy -- free the real Iggy

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Oxford County Liberals said...

My advice to Iggy?

Ignore the other 3, and read yours and Dan's column.

McLea said...

I'm pretty I wouldn't take any advice from Jedras given his last two endorsements (Dion and the Coalition).

You guys should just put Arnold in charge, and you would never lose another election as long he was alive.