Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Talking to Canadians -- They think we’re all idiots

We political nerds tend to get bogged-down in the minutiae of political drama and forget how the drama tends to play with Canadians that don't share our love of all things political...

As the latest round of political drama has been swirling about in the nation's capital, I've been speaking regularly with my non-political friends and colleagues and trying to explain to them the events that have been transpiring and why they might lead to an election this fall. Or not.

Generally, the conservations seem to end with my rather perplexed non-political friends throwing up their arms and expressing the stupidity of it all. And I can't say I disagree. I mean, take a step back for a few minutes and really think about it.

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Éric said...

If you understand politics, the way our system works, what's at stake, what each party would do if they had an unfettered majority, and who each of them represent, it isn't so stupid.

Compared to the politicking going on down south, ours here is highly cerebral.

Michael said...

TV commercial-style attack ads that treat viewers like uninformed idiots don't help.

All the more reason to present an intelligent leader, run an intelligent campaign with an intelligent set of policies!