Wednesday, September 23, 2009

(Video) Leaders show up

Stephen Harper's absence from key climate change meetings at the UN is not going unnoticed. When even CTV's Bob Fife is calling out a Conservative, you know he must be doing something wrong.

If 90 per cent of success is showing-up, we're just glad there's someone standing-up for the other 10 per cent.

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1 comment:

Barcs said...

Terrible that Canada would send the minister responsible for the file instead of the country's leader to go to hob nob and mingle.

Unless you think that a hundered or so politicians do a lot of work at this kind of

I suppose he could have taken the Martin/Chretien approach and stand up at one of these "meetings" and loudly proclaim they are taking some of the most stringent targets and then go home and watch the emissions skyrocket.