Sunday, September 20, 2009

(Video) New Liberal ad: Green Jobs

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A Eliz. said...

I think by the 3rd ad like this, people won't bother to listen...same old..
He needs completely new ads that will grasp an audience fast, with a little against the government on climate change, and more forceful.
.. very bright ads.

Jeff said...

It's a series they shot all at once but I did have the same impression when I watched this one, that it was a variation on the same theme as the first two, same setting.

I think these ads have a purpose and a strategy that should have some benefit with the intended audience (which isn't we folks that read blogs). Time will tell.

I do think it may soon be time to shift into a phase two, and I look forward to seeing what that will look like.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your piece in the post where you offered advice to Ignatieff.

I also believe Education to be a silver bullet.

I'd like to see a national funding scheme in place that provides for education all the way through university or trade school that is funded by an incremental tax on lifetime earnings.