Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Fun: Obama's peace prize means bad winter ahead

Stock-up on anti-freeze and road salt, and ensue you have lots of wood for your wood stove. Barrack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win today means it will be a long, cold winter: meteorologists have discovered an interesting weather correlation in light of the recent announcement by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

The committee announced Friday that President Barack Obama is the 2009 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, making him the the third sitting president and fourth overall to win the award.

Interestingly enough, severe winter weather followed each of the previous three presidents' awards, which raises questions if this year will follow the same pattern.

Theodore Roosevelt won the award in 1906 during his tenure as president. The winter of 1906-07 saw a severe February 4-6 nor'easter that produced up to 10 inches of snow from Washington to Boston, according to Paul Kocin and Louis Uccellini, authors of "Northeast Snowstorms."

Woodrow Wilson won the award in 1919 while in office, and following winter saw several severe storms. A late January storm dumped ice, sleet and snow across the Northeast.

This storm was immediately followed with a slow-moving February 4-7 storm that left heavy amounts of snowfall from Maine to northern Virginia. According to Kocin and Uccellini, this February storm brought what at the time was considered "some of the harshest winter conditions ever experienced."

More recently, Jimmy Carter received the award in 2002. The North American blizzard of 2003, which lasted from Feb. 14-19, dumped between 15-30 inches of snow in the major Northeast cities. Boston had a total of 27.6 inches, 23.6 inches on February 17 alone. will release the winter forecast on Wednesday, but preliminary reports predict a cold and snowy winter for the Northeast.

Be sure to check the winter forecast this Wednesday to see if the 2009-10 winter will follow this "presidential" trend.

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Barcs said...

12 days as president... And he gets nominated for a noble peace prize.

Slap in the face to anyone who holds the honor.

The weather data is kind of neat. Kate at SDA was doin that a year or 2 ago around Al Gore... When he showed up there was often snow that day... funneh as 'ell

Gauntlet said...

You can't help who gets nominated. But you can pick a deserving winner. I like the guy. I hope he earns a peace price. He hasn't yet, and he knows it.

I think we should try to remember this isn't Obama's fault. It's the Nobel group's fault. And it's a pretty big one.

A Eliz. said...

I think Bush was nominated by someone..I think Obama, by at least getting the world to like the US a little better, is worth it more...what he said about nukes and trying to get peace between Isael Pslestine..
He is giving his prize money to charity

lyrical said...

It'll all boil down to whether or not Obama sees his shadow on February 2nd in Punxsutawney.

Pretty clever of the Nobel Committee to award him the Peace Prize. Guess he'll have to think twice about engaging in any military action you-know-where.