Friday, October 02, 2009

Jason Kenney: The election speculation ate my homework

Expect this to become a common, oft-repeated refrain from the Harper Conservatives, however longer the NDP decides to keep their government alive: we'd do great things, but the election speculation ate our homework:

Important reforms to Canada's immigration system ranging from changes to refugee asylum to better regulation of immigration consultants are on hold because of the threat of an election, says Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

Kenney made the comment to reporters as he announced the government will fast track immigration and visa applications for citizens of the Philippines impacted by this week's typhoon.

"I have been working on a number of important files, including better regulation of immigration consultants, improvements to the nanny program, the live-in caretaker program and ... reform of the asylum system," he said. "All of those things have been put on hold, indefinite hold, because of the constant election threats."
Umm, why Jason? The Conservatives have been governing with a minority for nearly four years now. Minorities mean the constant threat of elections. But that doesn't mean you stop governing, and it doesn't mean you can't get things done. And it hasn't stopped the Harper Conservatives from doing plenty of other things.

So it's pretty silly for Kenney to be blaming election speculation for putting any plans for immigration reform on hold. It tends to give more credence to my earlier speculation about his desire to "manufacture a crisis" in the immigration system. If he trying to worsen the situation to build a case for unpopular reforms?

No doubt this will be fed into their next "parliament isn't working so we need a majority to do stuff" narrative, notwithstanding the fact that on this issue they haven't really tried to do it yet anyways.

Fact is, I agree reforms are needed, although I'm sure Jason and I will disagree on the details. But rather than blaming election speculation, rather than playing political games, Kenney should just put his proposals on the table and have a debate with parliament and with Canadians on the best-way forward.

A real debate on important issues? Probably too much to hope for.

P.S. Still waiting for Kenney's thoughts on his colleagues bashing the idea of pension support for senior citizen immigrants.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Jeff, you have such little faith. I'm sure they have a nice tidy package of reforms just waiting for the right time . . . like during the next election.

Why accomplish anything unless it can be neatly folded into a campaign theme? ;)

Barcs said...

"A real debate on important issues? Probably too much to hope for."

As I recall the liberals decided to try to bring down the government and currently state they will only oppose the government.

.... What kind of debate did you want again??

"Why accomplish anything unless it can be neatly folded into a campaign theme? ;)"

Is Iggy going to use the same redbook that Chretien used 3 times? All he would have to change is the cover...

rockfish said...

Perhaps Barcs prefers the hidden book that only gets shown (with pages redacted) late in an election campaign, or is he/she supporting the team that trots out 1960s socialist utopian blather, with a healthy dose of chicken little?
I guess he/she must have been over the moon during the last election, since the Liberals were the main party to propose something at all, actually a couple of things (I know poverty's a dirty word with the Harper trolls, it only exists for those who darn-well-deserve-it!) that got lost in all the lies and misdirections of the so-called leader Harper.

Barcs said...

"(I know poverty's a dirty word with the Harper trolls, it only exists for those who darn-well-deserve-it!)"

Funny you should mention that... yeah poverty is a dirty word the way you use it. Ask yourself about your arbitrary line you use to define poverty. Then go back. Less than 100 years ago... no running water, no plumbing, my grandfather was janitor of his school 5 miles away at the age of 15, my grandmother used to buy 5 cent of tea for her mother ... for the week. It was all they could afford. She remembers the oranges at Christmas the most... 1 a year, thats right oranges were to expensive for daily consumption.

But today, you are below the poverty line if you only have 1 car for the family. Hell, I have a business worth more than a quarter million, yet I am barely over the poverty line.

Real poverty does exist. But YOUR definition, rockfish, is the reason that people who actually need the help can't get it.

I understand if you would rather call me names and use the money to buy votes in the middleclass than having the debate or even actually helping people tho.

Politics is fun isn't it Jeff... I am having trouble keeping up with which party actually wants an election, which ones are voting for or against one. Seems to change daily. :)