Friday, October 30, 2009

What the AG is looking at: E-health and more

Auditor General Sheila Fraser is bringing down her next report next week (November 3rd) and a list of the topics she'll be reporting on has been released:

Fall 2009 Auditor General’s Report

Chapter 1, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Programs
Chapter 2, Selecting Foreign Workers Under the Immigration Program
Chapter 3, Income Tax Legislation
Chapter 4, Electronic Health Records
Chapter 5, Acquiring Military Vehicles for Use in Afghanistan
Chapter 6, Land Management and Environmental Protection on Reserves
Chapter 7, Emergency Management—Public Safety Canada
Chapter 8, Strengthening Aid Effectiveness—Canadian International Development Agency

A few interesting ones on there, particularly electronic health records. After all the drama that has been playing out on that front in Ontario, that one will be closely watched I think.

There's more of a preview at the AG's Web site:
Chapter 4—Electronic Health Records—The audit examined how Canada Health Infoway manages funds from the federal government to achieve its goals of making compatible electronic health records available across Canada. In addition, it looked at the role of Health Canada, the sponsoring department, in ensuring that Canada Health Infoway complies with the agreements under which it receives funding from the Department.

The environment commissioner will also be reporting at the same time:
Fall 2009 Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development’s Report
Chapter 1, Applying the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
Chapter 2, Risks of Toxic Substances
Chapter 3, National Pollutant Release Inventory
Chapter 4, Environmental Petitions

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