Thursday, October 08, 2009

YOU're lecturing, Stephen Harper? Really?

Isn't it ballsy for Stephen Harper and company to be lecturing the Governor-General on constitutional protocol, when last December he and his cohorts launched a coordinated misinformation campaign designed to cast as an illegal coup d'├ętat what was actually a proposal perfectly in line with the convention and rules of our parliamentary democracy?

I might take his insistence for clarity on constitutional roles and responsibilities more seriously if he didn't continually undermine and dismiss the role of the judicial branch, for example.

Or the role of the Senate.

Or if he maybe recognized the distinction between the executive and the legislative.

And the role of parliament, particularly in minorities.

And if he didn't play-up, revel in, and even actively encourage the public's ignorance of the workings of our political system so he could exploit it for political advantage.

So yeah Steve, you're right, the GG isn't our head of state. Indeedly-do.

But you've already made all our social studies teachers cry anyways.

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Proudpinko said...

He should have done this in private, without it ever having to be reported by the media.

No class - no decency.

Anonymous said...

I say Bravo to Harper for telling Jean the facts. Her Majesty is our Head of State and never forget it!

Dan F said...

New definition of Chutzpah.

Barcs said...

no class yup.

But apparently necessary, since Rideau Hall and the GG got it wrong.

I thought you would be happy Jeff.... After all the more people actually know about our system the less your "misinformation" example can happen. I guess its true that the tories can do no right atleast in some peoples minds. lol

Anonymous said...

But where's the political gain in that, Proudpinko.

If there aren't cameras around, can one benefit politically from a tree falling in the forest.

(or something like that . . . it's all so confusingly transparent ;)

Old School Liberal said...

Say Anything Steve will say anything afterall.

Say Anything really has no class.

RuralSandi said...

I got a ten percenter from my local Con MP at the beginning of the year (hopefully I still have it). One of the questions was - Does Canada need a Governor General Yes No

Planning another step to the American Republican system?

You know Harper's ego can't take the thought that he's not number one.

A Eliz. said...

Does Harper know about these ten per centers,that ask bout the GG.
Th monarchist league will not like that.!!!

Mike said...

Funny, didn't Harper recieve a military salute reserved only for the GG and the Queen last year?

Yes he did.

He doesn't give a damn about the constitution.