Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New DonOLO team too experienced

I really should weigh-in with my insight and thoughts on the highly important and critical re-organization of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition yesterday, as no blogger can let a story as important to the future of the nation as the hiring of a bunch of (should be largely) anonymous staffers in the opposition leader's office go without comment.

As I looked over the names and biographies of the new hires that were published yesterday, after doing the proper analysis for sex, language, regional representation, hair colour, past leadership clan allegiance and position on Star Wars vs Star Trek (a good balance on most counts, I can report) what occurred to me was that these are all very experienced people.

Most of them seem to actually have had prior related job experience before being hired to these senior positions. They've worked in government, in opposition, they've worked in politics, and they've done things that will help them in their new roles. Much experience.

Maybe, too much experience? Let me get ahead of the chorus that will come with the first bad poll and say clearly this new team is too experienced. What we need are political rookies with no experience, clearly. Experience is clearly a handicap. Where's the new blood, the fresh faces?

Experience, boo! Fresh blood, yeah!

Remember, you heard it here first.

If things go wrong, the problem is too much experience by anonymous staffers.

Unless things go well, in which case clearly we need even more experience and that's what I'll have always believed firmly.

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penlan said...


JimBobby said...

Experience ain't all it's cracked up to be. I figger I'm way too experienced at snow-shovellin'. Gimme an 18 YO snow shoveller any day.

CanadianSense said...

When did taking advice from pundits prove a good idea?

Your are correct inside baseball stuff no one should care about.

Sadly some in the Press have been reduced to micro-reporting any detail from the OLO.

The other team won't play nice.

RayK said...

I think you're actually on to something--no really.

Obviously experience isn't a problem, but baggage is. That's not to say that these people have too much baggage to work together or with others in the Liberal Party, but I imagine that avoiding the baggage was probably one of the reasons that Team Iggy brought in so many new people to begin with.

Jason Cherniak said...

I bow down to your genius.