Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My hometown can't handle snow

The community paper back in my hometown, the Comox Valley Record, has posted some pictures in its Facebook group of the community's recent snowfall. A minor dusting by TDot standards, I assure you. But this photo in particular caught my eye:

Yes, that's right, they pile the snow in the middle of the street and cut holes for left-hand turns where appropriate. Been doing it that way for years. Craziest dammed thing I've seen. They probably don't have the budget for full-blown removal and remediation, and most often it melts by lunchtime anyways. But when it does stick around, and pile up, it makes driving interesting, to say the least.

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Steve V said...

I'd hate to be on the other side of the road when the plow is out ;)

rww said...

Most places do the same thing, only they pile it on the side of the road not the middle. this might actually be a much better way. Thinking outside the box.

CanadianSense said...

Not to worry in a few years AGW will reslove this matter.

How many feet are you above sea level?

ricky said...

That's what they did in Ottawa when I was there last year and the year before. Snow in the middle of the street and if you were lucky you could turn at an intersection

Jeff said...

Steve, luckily I think they one have one plow so it's not too hard to avoid.

rww, they move it to the side and then collect it and cart it away later. In Courtenay it stays in the middle of the street.

CS, actually climate change could mean an ice age in North America, due to melting polar ice caps causing a shift in the earth's rotation. At least that's what The Day After Tomorrow taught me. More likely, though, Vancouver Island will sink when a massive earthquake rips apart the tetonic plates.

CanadianSense said...


have the carbon trading salesperson's sold their beach front sea level properties?

Last time I check David and Al have not begun moving any furniture.

Jeff I am interested in 'real science' and until and when they release all the data and models and it is reviewed by others outside the cabal control group I am not interested in this religion called AGW.

Let all the experts see the data and models and report their conclusions.

Jeff polls don't show any support for more taxes, HST*.
The Carbon Exchange Contracts are audited by their own governments. Greenshift 2.0 via COP15 won't fly.