Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some inspiration for Steve Yzerman

A crucial battle tonight for Team Canada tonight against Germany with the winner going on to play the Russians and the loser out of the medal hunt. It's been an uneven tournament for the men this far, with the weight of an anxious nation and high expectations on their shoulders.

If Canadian GM Steve Yzerman is looking for inspiration for a press conference speech to take some of the pressure off the players and settle things down a little, here's some inspiration.

In 2002 during the Salt Lake games, Wayne Gretzky's emotional presser in a similar situation took some of the public pressure off the players before Canada went on to win gold:

And back in Vancouver in 1972 during the Summit Series, Phil Esposito's emotional speech after Canada went down in the series 3-1 before heading off to Russia is a classic:

Good luck to the boys tonight. As a Canucks fan I'm nervous for Roberto Luongo. I think he deserves the start, and that he'll do well. If he doesn't though, Canuck fans will be hunted for sport from sea to crying sea.

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