Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A picture to caption, and possibly my most favourite video ever

The events of the last weekend with the G20 deserve serious blogging, and I do hope to find the time to do that serious writing soon. Right now, I'm weighed-down doing serious day job writing. In the interim though, I do want to share two things.

One is this photo from the G8 in Huntsville of Stephen Harper and British PM David Cameron, which I think is richly in need of captioning because the look on Harper's face is just priceless. My contribution is below, feel free to leave your's in the comments.

Cameron: Steve - can I call you Steve? - Steve, let me tell you why post-election coalitions are excellent ideas...

And the second is what may possibly be my favourite Youtube video ever:

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Dilip Andrade said...

Medvedev: Putin told em that neither of these two can win an election against weak opponents. If they are insolent, we will crush them.

Omar said...

ima probably date myself here, but here goes..

"They're three sad souls, oh me, oh my, no brains, no heart, he's much too shy. But never mind you three, here's the Wizard as you can see. He'll fix that one, two, three. In that funny place called the world of Oz."

~Assign lack of brains, heart and shyness as you see fit. Who would be The Wizard? Obama? :)

Omar said...


Canada’s capital chooses a new slogan

Come visit Ottawa: It’s “just like you”


I needed a good laugh.

Gletscher Eis said...

The Wizard is a Warlock.

PM Harper's working on his sneer.

aesthetic.vigelante said...

From one of my friends on Facebook: "I know this guy from driving the 506 streetcar. He's mentally challenged, and doesn't take changes very well." And the guy who looks like he's trying to crawl up the glass, he's the first guy's friend. I find the video a lot less funny with that context added in.

archivist said...

"Undies can creep up on you just like a coalition, you ass crack! "