Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's "Where's Waldo?" with Justin Trudeau

Can you spot Justin Trudeau in this photo of Jean Chretien and Michael Ignatieff?

Or in this one?

How about this one?

Picture him with a toque and glasses and you'd swear it was Where's Waldo. His ability to get into the centre of a Chretien/Iggy sandwich is quite impressive.

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CanadianSense said...

You better leave the Young Dauphin alone, the K-12 crowd will Bieberize you!

He is Plan B.

Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

'His positioning ability in the centre of a Chretien/Iggy sandwich is quite impressive.'

A little homo-erotic jealousy, eh? I've heard about you Scarberia perves.


Terence said...

That was planned to scare the bejesus out of the Tories. Justin as Iggy's Quebec guy would go over very well and get lots of play in the ROC.

The Tory level of ignorance need sa shot of reality every now and then.

Ask CS.

McLea said...

If you had to pick the third person in a series of three - and the first two people were Stephen Dion and Michael Ignatiaff - who wouldn't pick Justin Trudeau? It's almost like it's preordained.