Monday, August 16, 2010

Bob Rae visits Vancouver Island North

The weekend before last Bob Rae swung-by my old stomping-grounds of Courtenay in support of our Liberal candidate for Vancouver Island North, Mike Holland. Below is some video of Bob and Mike's remarks to the local faithful.

In the next election, Mike will be going up against Conservative John Duncan (newly-minted Indian and Northern Affairs minister) and former NDP MP Catherine Bell. Tough competition to be sure, but Mike is also no stranger locally.

A former Courtenay city councilor, he's best known for leading the fight against the BC NDP government when it tried to seize the assets of charities such as Glacier View Lodge (a complex care facility), and later against the BC Liberal government when it reneged on its promise to build long-term care beds for the province's seniors.

Learn more about Mike on his campaign web site,, and his Facebook group.

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