Friday, August 20, 2010

Brought to you by Canadians for dredging up old political scandals

It seems in their desperation, as the Liberal attacks hit home pointing-out Conservative meddling and suppression of accountability and oversight (remember when they ran on an accountability agenda?) the Conservatives are getting so desperate they're reduced to sputtering "but...but...but...sponsorship!"

Taber calls it the "sponsorship cudgel." I debated hitting-back with the tunagate tomahawk, or the Coates/Stripper scythe. But then I decided this is no time for fooling around. This is a time for the heavy artillery: The Pacific Scandal pistol:

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Unknown said...

but but but the Pacific Scandal gave us the best speech in Canadian Political history! Macdonald tried to save his slender majority by delivering a five hour speech with only, depending on your source, either two tumblers or two bottles of gin to drink! (this is notable because normally Macdonald drank Sherry and wanted his opponents to think he was sober.)

RuralSandi said...

Hey, you forgot the Gerda Munsinger (spy) affair

Gayle said...

I thought it was vodka?

The day they allow drinking in the House again is the day I run for office! ;)

Terence said...

I think if Frank Moores was still alive there would be more than enough Tory scandals to go around and some of those involved would have gone to jail over the AB320 scandal that has ultimately been whitewashed by our incoming GG.