Monday, August 23, 2010

Maurizio Bevilacqua expected to resign today

My sources in the city formerly known as the city above Toronto tell me that Liberal Maurizio Bevilacqua is expected to step-down today as the Member of Parliament for Vaughan, in advance of one of the worst-kept secrets of local municipal politics: his intention to run for Mayor of Vaughan.

While Bevilacqua may declare for mayor immediately, it's expected he'll wait until next week to formally launch his campaign.

This has been in the works for some time, but his hand may have been tipped by a Toronto Star story yesterday that reported on what has been common knowledge in Vaughan for some time: Bevilacqua has been using his MP office budget to paper the riding with mailings about his achievements (and, during the world cup, his love of soccer) in advance of his mayoral bid. Interestingly, the Star story seems to have been pulled, although the link is still active.

Anyway, while Bevilacqua is expected to be a favourite in the mayoral race against embattled incumbent Linda Jackson, his departure also sets-up some interesting scenarios on the federal level.

For one, will there be a fierce race for the Liberal nomination in this attractive riding, or will the leader take the opportunity for an appointment?

For two, what will Bevilacqua's departure do for the math around the upcoming gun registry vote in a few weeks?

And for three, when will Stephen Harper call the by-election? He's expected to call a number of others shortly, with the statutory clock ticking. Will he throw Vaughan in too, or will he hold off calling it to keep the Liberals potentially down a seat for a longer period?

Time will tell.

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DL said...

If Ignatieff really wants to save the gun registry - why doesn't he FORBID Bevilaqua from resigning his seat until after the vote in September?

Jeff said...

Because this is Canada, not communist China, and if the guy wants to quit his job, he can quit.

But if you mean why doesn't Ignatieff nicely ask him to stay until after the vote, it's because the filing deadline for the municipal race is a few weeks before the registry vote, and he needs to resign as MP before he files for Mayor.

Sal C. said...

Bevilacqua on being mayor: