Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No-Show Fantino slammed by Vaughan debate organizers

The Conservative candidate-in-hiding in Vaughan, Julian Fantino, skipped another all-candidates meeting last night, and the debate organizers were none too pleased:

Meanwhile, Liberal candidate Tony Genco gave up a night with his daughter and Justin Bieber to take part in this exercise in democracy.
Genco pointed out that he had tickets to go with his daughter to the Justin Bieber concert for her birthday, but she gave him permission not to attend.

“I made my choice, other candidates have made theirs,” he said, as the auditorium erupted in applause.

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MississaugaPeter said...

If the Liberals lose this riding, what does it say about the Liberals losing to an empty seat.

The only reason the Conservatives are doing this is because their polling is telling them they can get away with it. We better have a good weekend in Vaughan to change their polling data!

maryT said...

A choice between a Beiber concert or a debate, I would also choose a debate.
And why did Julian not attend, could it possibly be because he had a previous commitment at a seniors home for a Memorial Mass for his in-laws, that is a yearly event he had attended for years. And did the debate organizers know that he was unavailable on that date and deliberately planned this so they could try to slag him.
And why has this election been mentioned so often in the HofC, by liberals bringing up his name.
The word verification fits the post perfectly. Whiner

Jeff said...


Skipping all candidates was a CPC strategy across the country in 2008, so this wouldn't be unique. But what would it say? Well it would confirm what I've believed for some thing, and that's that while this air war stuff us fun for bloggers and twitters and even the media, any election is won or lost on the ground, going door to door canvassing. All the rest is just for show. Whoever wins in Vaughan, they'll win it on the doorstep.

Mary, the debate was rescheduled because Fantino also couldn't make the last debate. If you read the coverage or watch the video, you'll see he refused to return e-mails or phone calls from the organizers about rescheduling.

This isn't the first debate Fantino has skipped. It's obvious it's a deliberate strategy, and instead of whining about conspiracies, I really don't get why you don't just own it: debates are irrelevant, we can meet more voters on the doorstep. Wouldn't be my argument, but it wouldn't be entirely wrong and at least it would be honest.

MississaugaPeter said...


I agree 30 second door-to-door is more important/effective than debates, but it is useless without a Leader and Policies that resonate with the householder. With apathy widespread, I believe GOTV is more important than 30 second door-to-door, and thus, debates.

Jeff said...

You're right, canvassing and gotv go hand in hand. ID the vote, then get it to the polls. The biggest problem (well, one of them) the Liberals have had in recent elections is that our voters stayed home.

maryT said...

Alison, explain why he should be disqualified because Don Cherry supports him.
Remember what happened when the media dissed Ford, he won. All this anti Julian is probably getting him lots of support.
Dissing the Tea Party in the USA didn't work and it got them lots of support.
If libs win this riding it will not be a gain for iggy or libs, just filling a lib seat, that has been liberal for 22 years. If he loses it just shows it was not a lib seat but the mayors seat.

Gene Rayburn said...

Alison? methinks MaryT might be doing a bit of spamming and got mixed up. Must be doing a double shift at the Little Tory Shop of Horrors.