Thursday, January 27, 2011

Video: Stephen Harper raises taxes

I was playing around with my video editing software last night and made this video. I worried it was a little unfair and wasn't sure I'd post it. Then I saw the new Conservative ads today and thought, what the heck...

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Kirbycairo said...

I don't think it unfair at all. I am not big on "harping" on the tax issue because it sort of tends to confirm the conservative narrative that taxes are all "bad," but in this case I think it is a good idea because people seem to think that the Harpercons are 'fiscally' conservative.

Tof KW said...

I second kirbycairo. Not only is this not 'unfair' - but rather this is 100% factual. The Harper government did in fact raise all those taxes you mentioned. This in contrast to the complete rubbish the fratboys at the Reformatory war-room came up with today.

Ted Betts said...

Bravo, Jeff. Well done.

Along similar lines: you could always channel a bit of Jonathan Swift?

Nadine Lumley said...

I've been saving this pic for the last year; I knew the time would come when I would get to use it.

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MarkGHansel said...

What a crock, The Liberals have done more damage to Canada then any other political party including higher taxes. The Liberals hate you having the right to defend yourself and they hate freedom as they have shown in the past and will in the future remove all your rights under this twit Iggy who hasn't lived in Canada and is more american

Tof KW said...

They hate freedom?
Where you dropped on your head as a child?

Gene Rayburn said...

nothing like a bit of tinfoil in the morning.

MarkGHansel said...

Not at all Gene, but I wonder why socialists, yes you Liberals, think people don't have right to defend themselves when it comes to their property, life and security of person and want so much security based on government propaganda, for you to give up your freedoms. You can't trust criminals in the Liberals, after all, look how much tax money was stolen from the ad scam, I have not forgotten and you want people to trust the Liberals, political party's just don't over night don't change their spots. Besides Gene, the liberals think Canada is for sale along, with your god given rights. It's not rocket science.

Tof KW said...

Get your daily fill of FOXNews there MarkGHansel? You should consider moving south and joining the teabagger types, I'd say they're more your style. BTW - look up socialist, because you obviously have no clue what it means.

MarkGHansel said...

Oh Please, Tof KW, when you attack the truth, on how Liberalism will remove rights and freedoms, and show what socialist Liberalism nonsense is about, then “pretend” the rhetoric you believe as the gospel truth about Liberalism creating jobs, rebuilding Canada's infrastructure, cutting domestic spending, balancing the budget, ending the wars and other blatant lies, that Liberalism is big on, just like the carbon tax nonsense for global warming propaganda that Liberalism is right now pushing, as they have some kind of god given right to steal more tax money of the general public... it becomes plain too see what Liberal socialism is. Greedy, Liberalism lusting for power with the same old corruption that has caused Canada serious problems in the past. The moment you pushed the tea party rhetoric like Liberalism does, you did what the mainstream media did, on how they and socialist Liberals keep on portending they are going to save you, and everyone else from themselves, while at the same time, going to save Canada from the like of the evil New World Order and Global government. The Liberal Government are criminals and no matter how you want to spin doctor things, you can't change the facts, nor remove the truth about Liberalism. One thing more, people are waking up to the left, right propaganda and seeing political potato heads in office for what they are, Criminals, thieves and liars, who couldn’t give a dam about the people in this country or how family's are being destroyed, not that you would give a dam about people..

Tof KW said...

MarkGHansel, since you're new to (trolling) these boards, I'm an old Progressive Conservative who considers the merger a takeover. In your black & white world of ignorance, that probably makes me a socialist. Nice sales job to convince me that I'm wrong and should support the new party.

But you are right about the Libs always morphing, having no principles, and doing what it takes to obtain power ...Harper learned from the best.

MarkGHansel said...

Tof KW first off, I'm not trolling, nor ignorant of political issues as you wish to believe, which is your right to believe in magical gnomes of the right, left propaganda, shoved down people throats day in and day out in the mainstream media.... I'm an old Libertarian, speaking his mind on facts about Liberalism, and people who don't like the facts in their faces always use the same old tired socialist attacks, be it right or left, just like this blog did, when going after harpers attack ad's, that only showed the facts of what the liberal leader Iggy said himself, which I've heard him many times say the same things depicted in those ad's. Be it Liberalism or Conservatives, over taxing people on myths and out right lies is the biggest scam going, while removing freedoms, shows how socialism in Canada is on the rise and bent out of hell on removing every god given right, that people have. As it is being done in the US and other parts of the world. I don't care if it is left wing or right wing loony-ism, it all the same rhetoric that is being used. I've been in the news business for too long, and not about to give up any of my rights or freedoms for government security. You can't trust any of these political parties, not now. Their selling Canada out to the highest bidder in the global elite. Don't think for a moment that influence peddling in Canada doesn't exist