Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stéphane Dion speaks on clarity

He hasn't had a super high-profile since he resigned the Liberal leadership, but Stéphane Dion has been keeping busy working on and speaking about the issues he has been passionate about throughout his career.

He recently gave a speech at a conference in Ottawa called "Secession and the Virtues of Clarity" where he gives an overview of international and Canadian law on succession, the examples of Kosovo and Sudan, and the way the way sovereigntist thinking in Quebec has evolved thanks to the 1998 supreme court reference, and the Clarity Act which followed.

Interesting stuff for my fellow political nerds. Click here for the text of the speech.

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Rotterdam said...

He reminds me of Joe Clark.

Eric said...

it is too bad that Stephane Dion didn't speak "with" clarity during the 2008 election and its aftermath, or many things could have been different than they are today.