Monday, March 21, 2011

The inter-operable allied air coalition in Libya

The Canadian Armed Forces are taking part in the UN-sponsored international coalition (the good kind) air mission to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya and support the rebels under attack by Gaddafi. It's an important mission, and I wish them all good luck and a safe, speedy return home.

The Globe published a list of coalition air assets taking part in the mission, and it's quite the diverse list of many different aircraft types. Yet, somehow, they're all "interoperating" together efficiently...

The list includes:

U.S.: Navy EA-18G Growlers and Marine AV-8B Harriers.
France: Eight Rafale and four Mirage jets, six C-135 refuelling tankers, one AWACS surveillance plane.
U.K.: Tornado GR4 jets, VC-10, RAF E3D and Sentinel surveillance aircraft.
Canada: Six CF-18s.
Denmark: Six F-16s.
Italy: Four Tornados and four fighter jets (type unspecified, but possibly Eurofighters).
Spain: Four F-18s and a Boeing 707 refuelling plane.
Norway: Six F-16s.
Belgium: Eight Belgian F-16s.

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Dan F said...

How is this possible? I thought everyone had to have the same plane, or they just wouldn't fly

sassy said...

So Harper has involved Canada in a
COALITION how EVIL of him.