Saturday, March 26, 2011

We've got videos

It's been a very disconnected day for me, so watching tv yet and no time to follow twitter. Caught tweet coverage of the Harper launch and Ignatieff's no-coalition statement when I got up this morning, and that's it. I'm sure I'd have gotten an e-mail or something if someone's bus had run into a river, so I trust things are alright on the national campaign trail.

In Vancouver Island North we were busy today staring to get the campaign office set up, and doing a campaign college for our campaign team and core volunteers. We had a lot of people out, a lot of good questions asked and information exchanged. Right now the stress is getting the office up and running (be a few days for phone, web and tv); once that's done I'll feel better. The team is coming together though and we're keeping Mike Holland busy with canvassing.

Off to go build signs in a bit; just taking a dinner break. But I see the Liberals have put out a few videos today. The first is in English, and in the style of the earlier economy ad it's Michael on a simple white background talking directly to Canadians. It's called Your Family, Your Liberals and is mainly positive, through with a values contrast/shot at Harper. I like the "this election s about you" messaging. The family focus reminds me of Christy Clark's families first leadership campaign. I'm still processing the ad (I like to let them percolate a night); I like the focus but I'm not keen on the line about personal attacks. It feels whiny; people don't care if Harper is mean to you. Otherwise, I like the message. And I think this ad is also about putting Michael in front of Canadians in a positive context; he comes off well.

This next ad is in Punjabi, and I'm afraid my Punjabi is a little rusty so all I can tell you is that it's called "Harper: out of touch" and it's pretty clearly an attack ad. What did strike me is the maleness of the testimonials. The script is interesting. Recession, waste, but the comment o immigration and family reunification was interesting.
"The recession that we have been facing these days, Stephen Harper has failed to handle it ... It's getting worse these days. Stephen Harper 's government, they are just wasting tax payers money. Stephen Harper is changing the immigration rules, making it almost impossible for my family to reunite here in Canada. Stephen Harper is cutting millions from the services new Canadians rely on.

Stephen Harper is not in touch with the common man."

The next ad is in Portuguese, and is called "you have a choice." Unlike the Punjabi ad, both genders are represented so that's good. Again, the script takes shots at the Conservatives on several common Liberal attack themes, but adds an attack on Conservative cuts to immigrant settlement services.
"Canadians have a lot to say about Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper is cutting taxes for big banks and big corporations and giving us nothing. Stephen Harper's government wasted a billion dollars on the G20 and fake lake. Stephen Harper is cutting millions from immigrant settlement services. You do have a choice. Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals will invest in things that matter to Canadian families. I like Michael Ignatieff. He's intelligent and listens to us. This election, vote Liberal!"

Finally, we have an ad in a language in which I can at least get one out of three words: French. It's called "J'aime le Québec." Don't really even need the translation for this one: Michael Ignatieff thinks Quebec is super cool, and what not. But he also lays claim to being an early advocate of the Quebec/nation thing. Which is giving me unpleasant flashbacks to 06 leadership drama, so I'm moving on. Mainly boilerplate feel-good federalism though.

"I love Québec. I love its people, and I love its land. I know that the majority of Quebecers consider Québec as their nation and Canada as their country. I was the first to acknowledge this fact. I believe that it is possible for one to be Quebecer and Canadian in the order of one's choice.

And I know that we need the commitment and the creativity of Quebecers in order to create an even stronger Canada."

This isn't confirmed, but I'm told to look forward to future Liberal ads such as"Ontario? Oh Yeah!", "Newfound is Nifty" and "British Columbia is my favourite, but don't tell PEI I said that baby."

Anyway, off to haul lumber and build signs. Oh corplast, why do you cut me so?

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marie said...

Good videos Jeff although I could not understand the punjab one? either but one gets the drift.

Good luck with helping Holland get elected.I have a lot of respect for this guy. and none for his opponent Duncan? Is that who he is running against? I know that Duncan is not well liked in he north Island

+15 here in Oliver BC today.I actually went out to clean my golf course antisapating to go golfing very soon. THis is where we moved to from the Island in 2004 after 34 years.I am afraid that we do not have a a strong Liberal candidate in our riding a but a strong NDP one who likely will win my ridings seat.
Cheers and plenty of good luck.