Thursday, May 12, 2011

A brief history of a long Liberal history of talking about reform

We've all been absorbed since the election with issues of Liberal Party reform, and over the last week I've made my own contributions to the debate:

Of course, writing at length about Liberal Party reform is hardly a new activity; in fact, there's a long and rich history of writing about the need to reform the Liberal Party:

November 20, 2008: Bob Rae on party reform
April 30, 2009: Liberal Party self-introspection, Part XVI: Change Commission

The point being, we've been debating a lot of this stuff for years. I'm hopeful that perhaps now, with a Conservative majority, with the party in the wilderness, the scale will finally tip away from inaction hoping for a quick fix and return to glory. Instead, maybe we'll finally move past just talking about reform and, once we have some consensus, actually begin to move forward on it.

Talk is important. But so is action. After six weeks in B.C. for the election and another week in San Francisco for work, I'm heading back to Toronto tonight and I'm looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting to work.

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