Friday, November 11, 2011

Primaries and mustaches

As promised earlier, I've written about the Liberal executive's open primary leadership election proposal. You've got to go over to to read it though; I'll be occasionally writing for them on Liberal renewal and perhaps other exciting topics in the months to come. Here's a highlight:
I want to broaden the Liberal tent and make it more relevant to Canadians too. But open primaries are gimmicky and unlikely to build a lasting connection between the Liberal party and Canadians at large. I just don’t forsee a groundswell of Canadians rushing to get involved to pick the next leader of the third party. Gimmicks aren’t the way to engage people. I’d rather build a democratized party where membership matters, and encourage Canadians to join and support us for our ideas.
But before you go, or maybe once you're done, come on back and consider making a donation to help fight prostate cancer as part of Movember. It's why I'm growing this horrible moustache.

Anything you can give goes to a great cause, and would be greatly appreciated. And if you think I'm completely out to lunch on primaries, consider donating to one of my Movember "tecmology" teammates so I fall even further behind their fundraising totals and have to hide in shame. Everybody wins!

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