Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Liberal members: If you want to vote for leader, you MUST register

While I am supporting one of the leadership candidates, consider this a public service message: if you’re a Liberal Party of Canada member and you want to vote for leader, you MUST register by March 14, 2013.

Just holding a valid membership is not enough. If you do not register by March 14, you WILL NOT be able to vote for leader in April. This applies to all supporters as well.

Registering to support a candidate on their web site, or registering as a supporter on the LPC web site, is not the same thing. To be able to actually cast a vote, you must complete the process outlined below.

The process is different this year because it’s an online vote. All members (and supporters) need to complete the registration process to allow the party to confirm their identity and information, to allow a voting PIN to later be issued. The deadline is March 14th to allow the party time to undertake this vetting and verification process.

Over the past two weeks, an e-mail has been sent to every Liberal member that the party has an e-mail address for. If you’re a member with e-mail, check your inbox for that message. You need to click the link and complete that registration process.

If you didn’t get the e-mail or you ignored it, follow-up reminder e-mails will go out at regular intervals to remind you to register.

For those members for whom the party does not have an e-mail address on file (and only those without an e-mail on file), a hard-copy letter will go out later this week. It will have the option to go online to complete the registration process, or to complete the enclosed hard copy form and fax or mail it back before the deadline.

Keep an eye on your inbox (or mailbox, if appropriate) for this message. It will be from “Matt Certosimo,” with the subject line “2013 LPC: Jeff, register to vote now”: if your name is Jeff. If your name is something else, that’s what it will be.

I’m hoping they can set up a page on the web site we can drive people to for registration. Unfortunately, I believe the issue is that each email has a unique ID for registration that can only be used once (and each snail mail will contain a code as well) so that may not be an option, but I’ll report on any change.

I’m told a 1-800 number will be set up to handle registration-related queries. I’ll pass it on when it’s available. In the interim, the general line for the LPC national office is (613) 237-0740. If you’re concerned you haven’t received your registration e-mail or mailing, give them a call.

Once you’ve successfully registered, you’ll receive your PIN sometime March 25 and April 6th, and voting will take place between April 7th and April 14th. The video below explains the voting system.

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