Monday, May 06, 2013

Justin wears shorts, raises a lot of money

Received an email this morning; Liberal leader Justin Trudeau "has a message for me." And a few million other people, but whatevs. Here it is:

 Much discussion in the online world about the clothing tastes of casual Justin. The suit and tie pundit crowd seem confused or annoyed. I think it's fine, but neither of us are the target audience. The Canadians that probably didn't wear a suit and tie while enjoying 20 degree summer weather last weekend are, and I'll let them draw their own conclusions.

If there's anything that annoys me about this video, its that whoever shot it held their damned iPhone vertically, leaving those big black bars on the side of the screen. Just turn your phone sideways and, boom, lovely widescreen video. You're welcome.

However, you know what I liked best about this video? That since Justin became leader, the party has raised over $1 million from 14,000 donors, including 6,000 first-time contributors.

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Anonymous said...

That same suit and tie pundit crowd from all sides of the political spectrum have been urging attack ads, suit and tie, gravitas, mocking the positive message as amateurish. Like we are supposed to agree to hand over the reins to the grownups or something?
Me, I like advice to be supported by evidence rather than opinion. So far, opinion polls have been on a steep upwards trajectory. New donors, buckets of cash and earned media, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of new supporters in the database. Evidence seems to be in Trudeaus court, not so much his critics.

rockfish said...

Terrific news -- and bollocks to those who've tried to distract from the message with a fashion statement. Guess they're the kind who prefer the PM's dresser...
Journalists are continuing to dig -- now there are even hints that they know something's amiss -- regarding the CONs unbelievable fundraising totals. That story that appeared 2-3 months ago, where people came forward and stated that, despite a record of such, they had not donated to Harper's army, is just the tip of the iceberg. Through all the in-and-out, EC spending infractions, the Cadman bribery attempt, and the minister who's in a byelection, we can clearly see that Harper has no ethics when it comes to fair-and-square. We must tar his duckish soldiers with the same feathers and out them. It will happen.
It's great to see Liberals and Canadians responding positively to Justin's positive message. Here's hoping we can grow that because we're up against someone who can make new rules as he goes along, while breaking any that stand in his way.

kitt said...

Oh really??? People said they had not donated!!! Hmmmmmmm wonder where the $3.1 billion went???