Monday, October 21, 2013

Jason Cherniak launches campaign for Liberal nomination in Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill

It’s always fun when a friend throws their hat in the political ring, and so it was an honour Sunday to venture up to Aurora as Jason Cherniak launched his campaign for the federal Liberal nomination in the newly created riding of Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill.

Over 100 people were in hand for the Sunday afternoon launch, and Jason had a pretty impressive lineup of speakers on hand to support his campaign. Among them were Oak-Ridges-Markham MPP and Ontario Liberal caucus chair Helena Jaczek, former Aurora Mayor Tim Jones, and former Richmond Hill MP Bryon Wilfert.

Jason delivered a strong speech speaking to the issues that matter to the people of Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill, including transit and infrastructure, the economy, and an issue the Harper Conservatives have been sadly ignoring, youth unemployment. And youth under-employment. As Jason pointed out, too many youth are working service jobs after earning advanced degrees. “It’s impacting a generation,” he rightly pointed out.

I’ve known Jason for nearly a decade. He founded the Liblogs blogging aggregate, and really helped to build a community for Liberal social media where none existed before. But his involvement in the Liberal party is deep, from serving on countless campaigns at the provincial and federal levels, as well as leadership races, holding several executive positions on the Liberal Party’s Ontario wing, and always working to bring in new volunteers, help people get involved, and make this a more inclusive, welcoming party.

How dedicated is Jason? Just hours before his wedding, he sent out the LPC(O) e-newsletter updating party members on the latest party news and activities. He doesn't take a day off.

While his Liberal roots are deep, he’s also deeply engaged in the local community. After completing his education, he returned to his hometown of Richmond Hill to start his law practice. And between his involvement with the local Rotary and Chamber of Commerce, I don’t know how he has time for anything else.

At the moment, Jason is running unopposed for the nomination, but I know he’ll keep working hard either way. He’s just the sort of person we need in parliament. I congratulate him for putting his name forward, and I look forward to seeing him on the Liberal team in 2015.

To follow Jason’s campaign or to get involved, check out his web site, and follow him on Facebook and on Twitter.

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Wow. That's a very nice article. Thank you Jeff!