Monday, July 07, 2014

I'm running for LPC(O) vice-president communications

I am excited to announce I have decided to seek the position of vice-president, communications of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario).

There is tremendous opportunity for our party to move forward and accomplish great things for Canadians under our new leader, Justin Trudeau, but he can’t do it alone. He’s the hope — we’re the hard work.

Like many of you, I have watched with concern and frustration at the growing disengagement of Canadians with federal politics — a trend encouraged and exploited by the Harper government. I believe we can and must reverse this trend, and it begins with giving Liberal activists across Ontario — you and me — the tools we need to bring our fellow citizens back into the political process. That’s why I’m running.

On my new campaign web site you can learn more about myself, my qualifications, and some of my ideas for bringing a new style of communications to Liberals in Ontario — including a five point plan. I welcome your ideas as well.

Success for the Liberal Party of Canada in 2015 will require each of us to become communications strategists. We need to run our own war rooms, crafting the right messages that help our friends and neighbours see why we’re Liberals, and how a Liberal government will make a positive and meaningful difference in their lives.

If you’re going to carry the message to your networks, we need to help you. Not with talking points – your friends know you better than that, although we need to make sure you have all the information you need on the issues that matter to you.

No, we need to arm our Liberal communications army with the training and tools you need to so you can bring the right message to your community. That’s why I’m running for LPC(O) VP Communications – to make sure you have the training and tools you need.

The LPC(O) biennial is being held Sept. 12th-14th in Markham, and I will need the support of delegates at this convention to be elected.

You can now declare your intent to stand as a delegate online.

I'm I am humbled and honoured to have the support of so many great Liberals for my campaign, from Ontario and from across Canada. You can see who is supporting me here. To add your support, or share your ideas for better communications, please click here.

I look forward to beginning a dialogue, and I hope I can earn your support.

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Jim Parrett said...

Did you or did you not write a column critical of Iggy on the cusp of the debates/election in the conservative National Post, for which you write?

Jeff said...

I most certainly did not, as a look at their archive will confirm.

I was busy working 14 hours a day running a Liberal campaign in BC at the time, and had neither the time nor the desire to write a column critical of Michael.