Saturday, March 19, 2016

Eating up the Hill: Someone prorogue these perogies

I spent the last provincial election in Parkdale-High Park, and among several regrets is that I didn't take the opportunity to sample some real, homemade, honest to goodness Ukranian perogies. Maybe I'll have the opportunity when I'm in Winnipeg in May for the Liberal biennial (although I also must try this chicken finger restaurant). Unfortunately, the parliamentary pierogies are no substitute.

Restaurant: Centre Block Cafeteria
Dish: Potato & Cheese Perogies with Bacon and Caramelized Onions and Red Cabbage & Apple Salad
Price: $6.32 (before tax)

The description of this particular offering speaks to me on many levels. Perogies, check. Bacon, double check. And fruit in my salad? Yes, please! So, finding myself in Centre Block around lunch time while they were on offer, I felt the need to check it out.

While I couldn't resist the prorogation joke, in all honesty they weren't that bad for cafeteria perogies. While obviously of the formerly frozen, mass-produced variety, they were crisped up nicely while still maintaining an appropriate level of fluffiness and a light golden finish.

And while for many years I was somewhat anti-cabbage -- particularly, for some reason, red cabbage -- as I have matured I have come around on the topic and I enjoyed this salad. While I could have done without the hint of dijon mustard, the pecan, cranberries and apples complemented the cabbage nicely.

No, what left me with a less than positive impression of this meal was the unadvertised sauerkraut with my bacon and onions, which otherwise would have paired nicely with my sour cream as a perogy topping. Some many be offended here, but I think sauerkraut is gross and I stand by that.

Still, it was a decent lunch all in all. But I desperately need real perogies. Any recommendations for downtown Winnipeg perogy options gratefully accepted.

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Unknown said...

disagree about sauerkraut but of course defend your right to refuse it. Please don't go perogieless again in PHP, give me a call.