Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eating up the Hill: Friday is fish day

If it's Friday, it's fish day in Parliamentary cafeterias. Often that means fish and chips -- I usually sub out the fries for a salad -- but this Friday, it was a salmon fillet so I took the elevator up to the newly reopened Confederation Building cafeteria to fulfill one of the few remaining traditions of my Catholic upbringing.

One thing I should report is progress on the Parliamentary milk front. Since my first Hill food blog, I have lamented that only the little mini cartons of milk are available and wished they would stock the 500 ml. cartons. I often enjoy a milk with my lunch, and the little cartons just do nothing for me.

Well, perhaps I have a reader in the food services department (if you're reading this decision makers, please put the seafood chowder in heavy soup rotation and toss in some corn), as I can report that 2% and chocolate milk cartons are now available in the 500 ml. cartons for $2.13. I'd love if they had the skim in this size, but I know it's the less popular milk and this is definitely real (and welcome) change in Parliamentary milk delivery for which I humbly thank the powers that be.

On to the salmon. It was served with very lightly-seasoned rice with a few assorted peas, carrots and corn mixed in. I like rice with my fish, but I would have liked them to have stepped up the vegetable game with a more substantive veggie mix in the rice. As I took away my plate, it felt like a very small serving for a lunch entree. More veggies would have been a better value and more filling lunch.

Restaurant: Confederation Building Cafeteria
Meal: Salmon Fillet with Caper Dressing and Vegetable Rice
Price: $6.45 for entree + $2.13 for milk for $9.70 w/tax

The salmon, though, was the main course. It was seasoned nicely with caper dressing butter and dill, and cooked well to a flaky state. It was clearly, though, Atlantic farmed salmon. Which means it was moist and plump, but lacking in the strong salmon taste of wild salmon. I wouldn't expect wild salmon on offer in the Parliamentary cafeteria at this pricepoint (I believe though there is a salmon-related lobby reception upcoming though) but, for a west coaster, it's just not the same.

Still, it was a perfectly adequate, if somewhat lacking in portion size, lunch. And a nice break from fish and chips.

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