Saturday, December 03, 2016

Eating up the Hill: Wicked Thai Style Soup with Chicken

Generally, I'm not a big soup guy. Usually I will take the salad over the soup in an appetizer scenario, but there are certain soups I am adding to my must-have list when they come up in the Parliamentary soup rotation. And Friday, the list grew by one.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned the seafood chowder on this blog before, but it is delicious and is a must-have when it comes up on offer in the caf. And since I learned that yesterday's soup of the day also sticks around as a second choice the next day I have been enjoying two days of chowder (say it right -- chowdah). Also on my must-have list: chicken corn chowder. You can spot the theme here I'm sure.

But Friday, not being keen on the special and deciding I needed something to accompany my chicken burger, I decided to lift the lid and take a look at the Wicked Thai Style Soup with Chicken, not really expecting to be tempted.

How wrong I was. Immediately the delicious smell of the fragrant broth overtook me, and I unconsciously leaned in for a closer sniff. I picked up the ladle to confirm it was a hearty soup, generous with ingredients, and grabbed a take-out container to bring it back to my office to commune with in quiet contemplation.

In addition to the incredibly flavourful broth, the soup was generous with chicken, rice, mushrooms, peepers and tomatoes, all nicely complementing a complex broth that included cream, tomatoe paste, basil, cilantro and garlic. It was truly and unexpectedly excellent.

So now I have three favourite Parliamentary soups.

P.S. This coming Monday is seafood chowder day.

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